Turning Japanese

Kimono style is another big trend for Spring/Summer 2015. The simple form of the kimono shows off the pattern of the fabric. Kimonos are weaved of silk and often have intricate embroidery on the surface in gold. Designers like Rochas and Marni created their own spin on the traditional garment.

Marni Spring/Summer 2015 runway show

Canadian designer Sid Neigum took a different approach by using origami techniques to create pieces for his SS2015 collection which he showed at Fashion Week in Toronto.

Image of origami pieces form the collection.
Image of origami pieces from the collection.


Although viewed as a traditional garment, the Kimono can sub in for many wardrobe items.

  • Trench Coat
  • Evening Coat
  • Dress
  • Tunic *fabulous over skinny jeans


This spin on the Kimono also incorporates the trends of the long vest and 60s retro. It has the same loose shape as a kimono and a belt to cinch it. The loose cinch at the waist gives it a 60s vibe. It can also be worn open.


Header image of Tokyo is from Pixebay.

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