Tie One On

The Underrated Accessory burberry_tuck Prada_scarf

The scarf is an under appreciated accessory. Throughout the year a scarf can add colour, detail and visual interest to any outfit. Many designers have been using them in unique ways. Burberry tucks long scarves into their classic belted trench coats – love this! Prada prefers slender scarves to fill in plunging necklines on dresses.

If you’re concerned about tying one on, here are some easy ways to create a unique look.

How to video

Paper Art

Here is modacarta’s version of the Burberry tuck. Paper used is from, The Paper Store.trench_doll Jeans are the doll’s own.

Photo Credits

Burberry Runway – Burberry Website

Prada Runway – Prada Website

6 thoughts on “Tie One On

  1. I love how to scarf videos…I collect them (and sometimes never use them) but I refer to the videos online when they show you 10 ways to wear… The necklace is new for me…can’t wait to try!


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