Blurring the Design Lines

When a handbag is well thought out, functional and beautiful it blurs the lines between fashion and product design. That is exactly what happened when Franco Gabbrielli created GABS. GABS is a play on the word bags and the designer’s name. These bags are a smart design because they transform from a tote bag to 2 different handbag styles and sizes. They have the distinctive MADE IN ITALY mark and are crafted from soft, supple leather in a range of fabulous colours and prints. The transformation is patented so copycats beware.

I was introduced to GABS at De Catarina Leather in the Manulife Centre (Toronto). The sales associate HOOKED me when she demonstrated how the bag transforms by folding it and snapping it in place.

Here’s GABS in action!

transform_3The trapezoid shape is made by snapping the bottom and then, by snapping the top, you make the small handbag. This is a great bag to take your files to the office in the morning using the tote bag and then you can snap it down to the small handbag to go out after work. Genius! What’s also great is all GABS come with a hard leather piece to form a solid bottom for the handbag styles and also a shoulder strap to wear them cross-body. As well, there is a folded nylon tote that hooks inside the bag so you are always ready for shopping. Modacarta loves this bag! I have slight buyer’s remorse from choosing a neutral tan colour but a second GABS in a fun colour would be a good investment in function and style.

Paper Bag (Art) – just for fun

paperbagI found this great scrap of paper and thought the print would work really well as a GABS-type bag for the doll. I will definitely use it again as an accessory.


All Photos – Davide Tonizzo & Lori Tonizzo

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