New York Shopping List

Modacarta is heading to New York for a shopping and culture break next week. The blog will continue with live New York content.

Here is my shopping list:

  • 7th Avenue Junk Jewellery – I’m inspired by Iris Apfel so I will be challenging myself with a $30 junk jewellery budget to add some bling to my existing collection.
  • Dark Green Blazer – I have been looking for one for awhile and if I can’t find it in New York it doesn’t exist!
  • Boho Dress – I’m definitely looking for a runway inspired dress. This Chloe inspired dress at H&M is a must-have.dress
  • Century 21 – it is similar to Winners or TJ Maxx but with higher end designer merchandise. I always shop here when I’m in New York. On a previous visit, I purchased a pair of Burberry sunglasses and matching hard cases were out of stock. They asked for my address and a hard case arrived to my Toronto, Canada home 6 weeks later. Great service! I’ll be looking for designer reading glasses and silk scarves.
  • Frye Boots – this will be a splurge purchase if it happens at all. I’m hoping to find a pair on sale but size and colour preference could be a problem. So is the current $US-CAD exchange rate.

New York Inspiration

IMG_0033 IMG_0032

It seems modacarta is not the only one obsessing about New York. Gucci and Miu Miu’s fall ad campaigns were shot in New York. Love the Gucci subway image. Really captures the moment the train races into the tunnel.

Ads taken from Vogue August 2015 edition.

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