Jewellery to Love

Luxury jewellery maker Cartier has created a new collection celebrating love in Paris. This necklace from the Nouvelle Vague – new wave – Collection captures the look of Pont des Arts where couples go to lock in their love and throw away the key – literally. imagesThe lattice design with whimsical jewel pendants is reminiscent of the laser cut skirts and dresses from the SS 2015 collections.

There is also a film promoting the collection.

Locally, just behind Toronto’s Mink Mile in Yorkville several jewellery designers are housed at Craft Ontario. I recently stopped by to look at the collections with manager Yusun Ha. Here are some stand out pieces. jewelsThe bracelet and ring set of mixed materials is from Bandes des Quatres.The earrings are from GOSS Design Studio.  The ceramic necklace is by Julie Moon. There is so much more to discover in store so it’s worth a visit. I ordered a pendant made from 3D printing which will be on the blog when it arrives.

jewel_dressPaper Art

I first saw the Cartier Nouvelle Vague necklace in an editorial in Marie Claire, August Issue. Immediately this dress design came to me. The modacarta publication schedule was full I had to wait to create this dress. I love it so much that a visit to my seamstress may be coming up. Shoes are the doll’s own.

Photo Credits

Cartier Necklace – Cartier website

Jewellery from Craft Ontario – Lori Tonizzo

Doll – Lori Tonizzo

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