Fashion Photography as Art

Staying with this week’s theme of art, I am adding my 2 cents worth to the age old conundrum, “is photography art?” Further expansion – “is fashion photography art?” If we are speaking about Richard Avedon then yes it is! He has been called the greatest American Photographer. His images have been published in all the big magazines Vogue, Harper’s, W. Recently Harper’s Bazaar published Models, which features the best fashion photography over the last 60 years. DovimaDovima and the Elephants was photographed by Richard Avedon in 1955. Dovima wore a Dior gown with an obi sash. This image has been sold as posters, cards and prints. Making a strong case for it being art.

Hermes-Fall-2015Currently I am loving the Hermes Fall 2015 campaign that was shot in Venice. The city is a photographer’s dreamland. In the campaign, model Othilia Simon strolls through shadowed filled alleys in stylish clothes and accessories. The photography is wonderful -bringing the moodiness and light contrasts of Venice to life.

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