Fashion Pit Crew

A Formula 1 driver needs a team behind him to win races. A fashionista also needs a team a highly skilled professionals to look tailored, extend clothing life and protect vintage possessions. This team is made up of a cobbler and a seamstress.

The Cobbler

IMG_1340This is not your local “shoe guy”. This is a leather craftsman -usually from Europe -who understands how shoes are constructed and can repair damage or make adjustments for the perfect fit.

What he can do for your shoe wardrobe:

  • Resole or re-heel – especially important for vintage shoes
  • Stretch for comfort and fit
  • Add non-slip bottoms for safety
  • Make skinny calf boots into wide calf boots
  • Re-colour or dye the leather to hide ware


Repair leather handbags, jackets or belts. Recondition leather that is dry.

The Seamstress

IMG_1353Unless you know how to sew, you need this lady in your life. A seamstress is highly skilled and able to tailor off the rack clothes for a perfect fit.

What she can do for your wardrobe:

  • Adjust the length of sleeves or pants
  • Take in or let out garments
  • Mend rips or stitching that has come undone
  • Restyle old garments, example removing sleeves on a jacket to create a vest.


If she can knit, she may be able to mend sweaters or other knitwear.

Coming up soon hand washing vs. dry cleaning. All you need to know.

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