Gift List

Spoiler Alert! – any friends and family lurking in here be aware your gift from me is revealed.

Recently I went to Florida for a little relaxation and Christmas Shopping. I thought this girl’s get-away would be a good opportunity to get some unique gifts for friends and family.

Although the exchange rate was not in my favour, I was still able to find great deals on gifts for everyone on my list.

I’m pretty lucky that I have a small family and have stopped exchanging with most friends opting instead to spend quality time together.

The Gift List

umbrellaFor Mom: my Mom mentioned she wanted a folding umbrella that she could carry in her handbag and she didn’t want black. I checked out a number of shops and found the perfect one at Coach. I love this red colour and the logo is not overwhelming.

For Bro: my brother Davide has his own fashion blog on instagram (runs in the family) Super_hoodieand he is quite particular about his clothes. He loves the brand Superdry from Japan and luckily I was able to hit the Superdry store in Miami. I picked up this bordeau hoodie (regular $95) for $49. The colour of Fall at great value and  athleisure style!

For Dad: This guy is one tough dude. Clothes are never at the top of his list and he is picky. My Dad’s birthday is before Christmas and we were struggling for a gift idea. Luckily he said he needed a parka. Before I went to Florida we headed out to Toronto Premium Outlets and hit the Columbia Store. My Dad was gifted a warm, silver grey parka for those chilly days which are sure to happen in the6 at some point.

wristletFor Friends: My good friend TK, like my Dad, has her birthday just before Christmas. For the past few years we have been exchanging gift cards but I’ve grown tired of this routine and am trying to find personal and useful gifts for the friends in this group. TK has great style and owns a lot of accessories in tan leather. I found this unique and beautiful leather and shearling wristlet at Coach. High style at a great price $34.

bowsI had a similar pattern of gift cards with another good friend AM and found these adorable gold ribbon earrings from Kate Spade. They are sure to be a big hit with this fashionable friend.

How did your gift shopping go down? Let me know by dropping a comment here.

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