Fun Spring Accessory

Nor just for bandits or cowboys anymore – the neckerchief or bandana gets a makeover this spring.

From my blog, you will know that I love scarves so I’m always excited when I find a new way to wear one.

A traditional bandana is tied at the back of neck with the triangle part in front. A neckerchief is perfect for spring because it keeps the wind off your neck without adding bulk. It’s perfect protection against a spring cold.

Also…when you’re between haircuts simply use it as a headband. Very Brigette Bardot! To add visual interest to cropped pants and sandals – wrap it around your ankle. It also makes the perfect handbag accessory.


I haven’t worked with the dolls for awhile but I definitely have some exciting designs to share in upcoming posts. Here is a simple bandana I made out of a crinkly Japnaese paper.



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