Fan Girl

Soccer or Football mania is about to hit the6ix. The 2016 European Cup starts tomorrow. We’re ready to cheer for our or our parents’ homelands and show our cultural pride.

I love the feeling of rivalry and comradery in the city as the countries battle each other in epic match-ups. Everyone in Toronto gets into it and traffic can become challenging depending on where you’re going and who won the match!

Fashion during the Euros is all about showing off your cultural pride and cheering for your team. I’m ready to cheer on the Azzurri (Team Italy) with a retro Adidas jacket I picked up in New York during the 2010 World Cup.

Puma is the official brand of the Azzurri for 2016 Euros.

1st game for Italy is Monday August 13th against Belgium. I have my flag ready to wave. Forza Italia! Let’s have a victory party this year!

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