Intersection 2 Fashion + Art

I love looking at the influence of art on fashion. An art form I enjoy is collage. Collage is art made from an assemblage of different forms to create a new whole. Many artists have experimented with this form such Matisse and Picasso.

What I like about collage is the layering of mixed media such as photography and paper to create the overall image.

An artist I follow on Instagram is Rebecca Coltorti (@rebeccacoltorti_art). She uses paint and photography to create her fashion images. Her work has been featured in Eclectic Magazine.


Prada’s FW2016 invite used collage as a sort of mood board and it was very representative of the collection with it’s mixed fabrics and use of large and mini bags as accessories.

I created the feature image of this post using a page from my botanical colouring book, and photographs of flowers and the doll. The doll’s maxi skirt is made from the same colouring book page. Her top is pleated tissue paper from a recent Zara online purchase. For more on Fashion and Art click here.


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