Office Supply

A trend around my workplace is the Office Pouch. A pouch is a great way to stash all your necessities when you’re dashing from meeting to meeting.



Security card, phone, reading glasses, pen, lip balm. The list is endless of what women need at any moment and especially during marathon meetings. If you attend meetings with your laptop a pouch will keep your stuff organized and neatly tucked away until you need it.



Here are some chic pouches to carry in style.

This navy pouch with a feather print is oversized and will carry all your necessities. It’s ideal for marathon meetings or all-day conferences. This beautiful floral mini pouch is great if you travel to the US for work. It will keep your receipts and currency separate from your main wallet. It will even hold your ID if you are a Nexus member. Both these pouches are from Indigo which is a great source for trendy accessories at reasonable prices.

This Louis Vuitton bag does double duty as a wristlet organizer and an evening bag if you’re going out after work.


Finally if you review proofs or documents with clients/business partners, you probably carry a lot of pens, highlighters, clips and possibly tape. This Herschel pencil case will carry all that and more with style!

What’s the trend at your workplace? I’d love to know!

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