Close to Valentine’s Day it’s hard to escape the sentiment of love that’s everywhere from the sleeve on your Starbuck’s cup to Godiva’s heart shaped Chocolates and Victoria’s Secret hot red lingerie but there many kinds of love.

I recently saw the documentary FRANCA: Chaos and Creation and I loved it. It was about Franca Sozzani, the fierce and fearless editor of Vogue Italia. The feature photo is one of the last issues of Vogue she published before her death in December. Her son made this film as a homage to his mother and you can feel the love between them. I was inspired by Franca’s creativity – it re-energized me and gave me the passion to get back to work on my blog.

A Highlight of Franca’s work at Vogue Italia would be the Black Issue. It was reprinted 3 times and sells for $2500 on ebay. Controversial issues were never buried in an op ed but incorporated into the fashion editorials. Domestic violence, BP oil spill, and cosmetic surgery became dramatic photo spreads. Her strength was delivering the best content for Vogue Italia despite her critics.

A true test of love is when those close to you are forced to confront a challenging health situation. My tribe of sisterly love has been an endless source of support and strength. I know what I have and am truly blessed. My wish for Valentine’s Day is that they know how much I love them and how grateful I am to have them in my life.

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