Top Rain Gear

Spring in Toronto can be a wet affair. May is variable with sun, cold, hot and rain. Rain helps the flowers grow but casts a gloom on spring happiness. Having the right rain gear at least keeps you and your spring wardrobe dry while braving the weather.

  1. My #1 defender against rain is Hunter Boots. I have them in British Racing Green. I chose the tall length with the vent at the back so they don’t squeeze my calves. I can tuck trousers and jeans in with ease. If I need to wear them with a dress or skirt the tall length doesn’t cut off my legs and make them look
  2. Weather proof coat. This type of coat is available everywhere and so many brands do a good job with it. You can find one at department stores, sport stores and even Costco. At the higher end is M0851 from Montreal. They are known for their leather but they make a great raincoat like the yellow one below. Slightly more affordable is Lole. This women’s lifestyle brand carries great yoga wear and also makes a fun raincoat (navy blue). My coat is from Costco. Costco usually carries these coats before Fall and Spring. If you see them in store – move fast because they are usually only available for a couple of weeks. I love the teal colour of this coat and the fleece lining. It repels the rain & wind and keeps me warm. Sometimes I don’t even need an umbrella because of the hood.
  3. Bubble umbrella. It’s old school but it works! I place it right down over my shoulders and nothing gets wet. If the wind is making it rain sideways I am in my protective bubble. This clever design will not invert and break in high wind like traditional umbrellas do.IMG_1604

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