The 25 Days Backstory

My journey started with what I thought were pre-menopausal symptoms. An erractic cycle, spotting and the odd hot flash. Visits to my family doctor and gynecologist + several ultrasounds and a CA125 blood test brought me to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Dr. Marcus Bernardini.

My diagnosis was endometrial cancer and suspected malignancy in the ovaries. I was living with large ovarian cysts that were causing abdominal pain and limiting my wardrobe choices.

Step 1 to my treatment was surgery. I had a modified, radical hysterectomy including the ovaries on March 8. I felt very lucky to have such a skilled and caring surgeon as Dr. Bernardini. The surgery was successful in removing all visible traces of cancer.

The side effects of the surgery were:

  • Large warrior scar on my abdomen. Bikini days DONE!
  • Hot Flash! I was now in full-on menopause.
  • All access to my closet. I dropped 9kg post-op and everything fits!


Which brings the story to NOW! Later on today (Tues May 9) I start radiation therapy for any microscopic cancer cells that could be present and to lessen the risk of the cancer coming back. My treatments will be weekdays for 25 days. Since this will be my life for the next few weeks I plan to do it in style. My positive attitude has gotten me this far and will get me through the rest of my journey. Follow me and watch me FIGHT CANCER WITH STYLE!

13 thoughts on “The 25 Days Backstory

  1. Lori: All the very best on your journey in the next several months. I have talked to your mom and she has kept me updated on your progress so far. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. Keep fighting and the positiveness you have certainly helps with the fight. I’m sure all will be well with you in time. Never give up!!! All my love always, xoxo…your
    cousin Karen


  2. Attitude is everything!! Keep up the positivity and fight the good fight. You will beat this 100%. Sending Hugs and Prayers your way. Looking forward to keeping up with and following your journey. God Bless ❤


  3. You are so positive and open about your journey. You’re an inspiration to me and I love that you’re able to share it on your blog. You’re in my prayers and I know you’ll beat this in style! Mary


  4. Lori you are amazing! Style follows you woman! In the face of a frightening diagnosis, you turned that cloud into a brilliant sun. Congratulations on the success of your health and a blessed outcome. Looking forward to more more more!


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