Day 6


If you don’t like to wear all black another way to look slimmer is wearing all one colour. Preferably a darker shade.

Style Notes

I chose burgundy as my monochrome colour. The continuous line of this outfit creates a slim silhouette because the look is not broken by other colours. This blouse from Anthropologie is delicate and fun with the embroidered flowers. The Dex blazer is a sharp contrast to the femininity of the blouse. I am wearing patent leather ballet flats from Tods – my favourite Italian shoe brand. For today’s selfie I had to add a pashmina because it’s chilly again. Got to love spring in Toronto.


Diet & Exercise

I have exercised on and off most of my adult life. Never has it been more important to me then now. Before I had my surgery I worked on my core strength so that I would have a good and quick recovery. Right after surgery I walked everyday. At first really slow and then increased speed as the weeks went on. When I saw Dr. Bernardini at the 4 week mark of my recovery he was pleasantly surprised at how easily I jumped on the examination table. I also watch what I eat and follow a Mediterranean diet. If a meal is a little richer then I only have a small portion and fill up on vegetables or salad. Dessert is a very rare treat. I know as I have more radiation treatments I will feel tired but it is recommended to still exercise even if it is only going for a short, slow walk or doing yoga.

Exercise Gadgets

I LOVE my apple watch. When they first came out I thought they were a silly gadget but I am now a huge fan. The activity function gives me so much data about my exercise habits and progress. I bought it week 2 of my recovery and by week 5 I had smashed all my previous records and could see real improvement. This really motivated me to keep working harder so I could get stronger and I love the rose gold version! I have other really stylish and fun watches but I only ever want to wear my apple watch.



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