Day 7

Change of Look = Change of Blog Post

Today Toronto gets summer so that means I need to change my look for Day 7 of 25 days 25 looks. I was planning on wearing this…

This green blazer is way too heavy even as a topper today so I’ve taken out my new maxi dress.

Style Notes

A maxi dress is still a viable and trendy option for the summer. I like the swish of the fabric against my legs and the long line of a maxi. I chose a neutral and classic black and white pinstripe.


#1 Blog Lesson

One of the key learnings I took away from the Foundations in Social Media course I took at UofT was be nimble. I would plan a few weeks of blog posts and then in an instant I’d read something or hear something and rejig the whole plan. That’s what happened on Day 7. I planned to wear something a lot heavier which would have looked out of place and made me feel uncomfortable traveling to my appointment. I dashed down to the garden of my condo this morning and took a few selfies for today’s post. I’m a little disappointed to not use the other shots because they turned out so great but they will make great profile pics!


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