Day 10

Black & White Week

When I came up with the idea for 25 Days 25 Looks I knew I wanted to devote a week of treatment to black and white outfits. This combination is so graphic and really makes a strong style statement. When wearing black & white the details are important so pay attention to mine and you can easily get this look yourself. For the shots this week, my photographer and I had fun shooting in the area near Princess Margaret over the holiday weekend. I hope you enjoy Black and White Week!

Fave Skirt

This Lord & Taylor fringe skirt I purchased for $13 at a little known place of fabulous finds. In Etobicoke at Kipling and the Queensway there is a crappy strip mall with a Zellers outlet. It’s not Zellers. It’s Hudson’s Bay and they have great stuff! I find it easier to shop than Winners or Marshall’s because it is better organized. They have smaller circular racks usually sorted by brand as opposed to long racks by size.

Style Details

I love the quality of this skirt. The fringe is put on expertly and accurately with no gaps at back where the zipper and seam are. This fringe provides visual interest and texture. I paired this with a simple white Top Shop t-shirt which has some appliqué lace trim. The watch is a Swatch with a see through face and the mechanisms are all different colours. I also wore this delicate Shanghai Tang bracelet which has an Asian print in silver, black, white and red. The fringe on the skirt and these interesting accessories are the details that take this outfit from boring to high style.

Mind Over Matter

In Week 2, I blogged about how important diet and exercise is to recovery. Keeping your mind active is also important. This initiative is my way of keeping my brain working. Determining the looks and scheduling them, writing the content and shooting the looks are all activities that require brain power and keep me busy. I don’t have time to dwell on survival stats or re-occurrence rates -fashion and style are in my thoughts 24-7. Looking good gives me a positive outlook towards my treatment. It doesn’t hurt that I get a couple of looks while walking the halls of Princess Margaret.

Unit 10 was a little behind today so I took the opportunity to try out a recliner chair. So worth it! It was quite relaxing and the selfie turned out great!



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