Day 11

Visual Interest

Black and white doesn’t need to be stark or boring. Texture and pattern can add visual interest to a colourless palette like this Zara blouse and these Ann Taylor trousers.

Style Details

I purchased this blouse in January when Zara was clearing out Fall/Winter inventory. I knew it would be perfect for the chilly spring. The paisley embroidery adds texture to this white blouse. The small dot pattern on these cropped trousers elevate them from being plain black. The details on these 2 pieces create a unique look.

Tools for 25 Days 25 Looks

These are my go-to tools and I use them everyday for this initiative.
1. Selfie-stick. I need this to take my photo at Princess Margaret.

2. Mophie. My iPhone6 is nearing the end of its’ life and constantly needs to be charged. A portable charger is a must-have for me.

3. iPhone 6. Takes great images and I can transfer them easily to my Mac Book for the blog or post them directly to Instagram.

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