DAY 14 – 25 Days 25 Looks

Mixing Prints

To achieve great style and a unique look you need to master mixing prints. I will admit that I am still a novice and my MO is to choose subtle and simple prints to mix.

Style Cues

These leopard print jeans appear grey from a distance so I consider them to be a neutral piece. Now I can add almost any print to them and it will go. This Zara top is a good choice because the print, although bold in size, is subtle in colour and goes with the grey. Another option for these jeans would be a striped top.

TIP – to mix prints effectively choose a tone-on-tone print that becomes the neutral piece. Then almost any print in a similar colour palette will go and give you great style.


Side FX

The radiation treatment I am undergoing has 2 main side effects. Loose bowels (diarrhea) and fatigue. To combat the loose bowels a change in diet was required. I followed the diet guide provided by Princess Margaret and it really helped me. I eliminated diary, added white carbs and ate only the recommended fruit and veggies from the list. The fatigue feels like my legs are made of lead and super heavy. I try to walk or do yoga a couple of times a week even if I don’t feel like it. I was walking at such a fast pace after I recovered from surgery and now I feel like a snail. I know this is temporary and I will be back in good form after my treatment is over.

selfie_D14Today’s selfie I took in the atrium of Princess Margaret. This space is so full of light and is a great spot to check my social media if I’m early for my appointment.


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