Day 16

So Street

Following Street Fashion on Instagram gives me inspiration for my own style. So many trends start out as street looks. Today’s selfies are taken outside Princess Margaret – on the street.


Style Breakdown

This bomber is so on trend. I ❤ the liberty style print. For today, I swapped the skirt for jeans in the same military green shade and I changed the sneakers to a funkier pair of Converse high tops. The street cues of this look are

  1. the bomber – boxy and boyish
  2. the print on the bomber – feminine and light
  3. the skirt – combat chic in khaki
  4. Sneakers instead of sandals



What’s your favourite outfit so far? One of my therapists said hers was Day 10 the fringe skirt! That’s one of mine as well. Please let me know what you liked best? Leave a comment here on the blog or on any of my social media accounts! Love to hear from you!

This is shout out to the lovely radiation therapists that tend to me everyday at Princess Margaret! Thank you for making this experience so easy!





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