Day 17

Insta Look

This outfit looks stylish and put together from separate pieces. My secret is this great dress I got in Florida. It looks like a top and skirt but it’s one piece. It came in many colour and pattern variations but I liked the green top with the dot skirt the best. Adding the shawl collar cardigan makes it office or hospital worthy any day.


Interview with the Fashionista

On Day 9 I was on a different treatment unit with a new crew and I met Yangchen Ukyab, a radiation therapy student. I of course told her about 25 Days 25 Looks and she asked if she could interview me for a presentation. As a course requirement these students need to interview a patient and then present their cancer journey to the class. We did the interview today and it was such a pleasure to speak with Yangchen. I know she’ll become a great radiation therapist and I wish her all the best!


Good Hair Day

Later on today I’m getting my hair done (photos to come). I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do things for yourself that make you make feel good and happy during your journey. Anna, my stylist at Head Candy Salon in Etobicoke knows my hair so well and is a master colourist. I always feel and look great after a session with her.


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