Day 18


I had planned to talk about a boho look and the restorative qualities of the siesta but then this happened.



Pauline Chan from CTV news dropped by to talk about fashion, makeup and of course 25 Days 25 Looks. It was a great experience shooting this segment and meeting an admired journalist. My segment aired on the 6PM news and if you missed click on the link

Fave Vibe

In summer I love a bohemian vibe. I’m artsy and summertime is when I channel that vibe by wearing boho pieces.

Style Notes

A perfect summer topper is a kimono top. it floats effortlessly over anything. I’ve paired this Italian knit kimono over a t-shirt and skinny jeans. I added a funky beaded necklace and some bracelets to create a unique, boho look.


TIP – Although viewed as a traditional garment, the Kimono can sub in for many wardrobe items.
* Trench Coat
* Evening Coat
* Dress
* Tunic – very boho


To fight the fatigue that is a side effect of radiation treatments I take a nap in the afternoon. I’m Italian and travel to Italy often to visit my family there. If I’m visiting in summer it’s wonderful to have a siesta after lunch when the sun is at its’ peak. I always feel so refreshed after an afternoon nap and can enjoy the rest of the day and evening without feeling so tired.



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