Day 25 – Last Day

A deep inhale and a long exhale on the last day. Time to get my life back! It’s hard for me to realize that this is it – I’m done! I’ve had my 25th and last radiation treatment and will not be returning to Princess Margaret for awhile. I’ve learned so much through the experience of having cancer and going through treatment about the health care system, using social media for good, fashion photography and myself. I will definitely be sharing some of those insights in future blog posts. Now I’ll wrap it up with the final look in this series.

Day 25 Dress


I purchased this dress at Joe Fresh. I love the wrap top and bandana type print. For an inexpensive dress it is loaded with details. Ruffle skirt with lace trim and trim along the top. I knew this dress would look great with my red obi belt. I feel very chic and put together in this dress.

Style Cues

To style this look I went with a mix of vintage and new accessories. The flower hair clip is from Anthropologie and I love wearing it with wavy hair. The Fendi earrings are vintage – they were a gift and I’ve had them a very long time. The wedge sandals are from France. I purchased them while on vacation there many years ago. I love the wood heel with rubber coating. These sandals give me great height and are super comfortable!

Big Thank Yous

I could not have taken on this endeavor without the support of my family and friends. It makes me so happy to know that I’ve inspired people and demonstrated that having cancer doesn’t mean give up! It means put on a fabulous dress and fight with all the strength and style you have.

Special thanks to my photographer and creative partner Davide Tonizzo who’s instagrams are @davidetonizzo @davidelookbook. Check out his posts!

…and I’m off

6 thoughts on “Day 25 – Last Day

  1. My god Lori I had no idea. Congratulations to you on your milestone. I hope you rang the bell loud and proud. I hope this is the end of this journey for you. I wish you all the best and you look fantastic!!


  2. Lori, I rarely go on my LinkedIn page but I am glad I did today. i just spent the last 20 minutes are so reading about your journey and like others have noted…I had no idea sweetie. I had no doubt that you would take this on with all the fight and spirit and feistiness I know you have. Auguri bella! Keep on shining and inspiring. So happy you removing on and leaving cancer behind you.


    1. Grazie mille Pina! It wasn’t widely known at tc and I didn’t think linkedin was the most appropriate site to share the full journey. I’m back at CTC end of Jun. I’ll make sure to stop by and see you when I visit the tc office! Ciao!


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