25 Days – The Series

I really enjoyed working on 25 Days 25 Looks.  Not only did it keep my mind occupied during the treatment phase of my cancer journey but it allowed me to express my creativity through fashion and style. After it was over I struggled to find inspiration. Then I thought why do I need I stop? 25 days does not have to be tied to my treatments. 25 days could be any sequential days in the year.

Now I begin 25 days – The series. I will present different themes broken into 25 day sections. I know how much you enjoyed 25 Days 25 Looks so I think these series will also be of interest. 1st up – 25 Days 25 Pairs (of shoes) Summer Edition. I’ll be exploring my collection of shoes, styling them and looking at the trends in summer footwear.

See you on Day 1!

PS. The New York Haul will appear throughout 25 Days 25 Pairs!

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