Day 3 – Japanese Style

The flat form is a type of wedge sandal that reminds me of Japanese wooden sandals with their almost uniform sole. These Michael Kors flat forms have great detailing. The mesh straps give them a casual feel -perfect for skinny jeans while the gold zipper allows me to wear them with dresses and skirts.


I like to style these sandals with samurai pants. I recently purchased these at Uniqlo and I’m so glad I did because now that I want another pair in navy I can’t find them in-store or online. These pants look like a wrap skirt with the right leg wider and wrapping over the left. There is a lot of fabric but it is super light and has special properties to wick away moisture and keep me cool.

Wide leg trousers are a huge trend for summer and can be seen not only with trousers but with denim and jumpsuits as well.


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