Day 9 & 10 – Fendissime

I’m dedicating 2 days to one of my favourite brands – Fendi. Before the luxury boom, Fendi used to be affordable at the  higher end of the market. I had several Fendi bags and a couple I completely wore out and had to discard. The survivors are now vintage pieces in my accessories collection.

1st the Sandals

These sandals I purchased in Italy in the mid 90s so they are vintage. I try not to wear them often because I want them to last. I love the double gold Fs and flat block heel. They are a classic style so I never feel they look dated.

The Bags

This Fendi backpack is from their lesser expensive line. I picked it up at the Vintage Show in Toronto a couple of years ago. I love the logo on the strap and the stars. This round bag is vintage that I purchased it in Italy. It is the traditional double F canvas with a leather lining and trim. This bag looks great in summer with a black & white outfit. A black portfolio is an essential for work. This one I purchased at Holts and I always pull it out for interviews and business meetings to up the style factor. My macBook Air fits comfortably inside. Vintage pieces add uniqueness to your wardrobe and are one of the  foundations of great style.


2 thoughts on “Day 9 & 10 – Fendissime

  1. I am totally fascinated with vintage style! Fashion is like a circle. Now the 90s fashion is coming back. Choker, High-rise, bell-bottoms. They show their own retro charm and chic fashion. I love it!


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