Day 12 – mono

During 25days25Looks I talked about a monochrome look and how slimming it is. Here I’ve styled a navy blue look.

Monochrome can be stark so I added a large multi-coloured necklace to break it up. The clothes are simple everyday pieces – tee from Loft and Rockstar jeans from Old Navy. The ballet flats are Tods. These are my favourite Italian shoes. High quality and high style make Tods a sought after brand. I purchased this pair as well as a burgundy patent leather pair when I was in Italy last year. This tri-colour pair with suede and leather add a unique element to dark wash jeans. The textured sole will really protect the suede and leather from wear.


Work Requisite

I blogged about the office pouch being a huge trend at my workplace – still is. I’ve seen new hires copy their chic bosses by using one. I recently found this cute, cheeky one at Indigo. I love monogram or zodiac symbols – something that represents me. My sign is Gemini and I loved this bright coral colour and #SorryNotSorry. It’s good twin vs bad twin like all of us Geminis!



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