Day 15 – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Yes I got stuff!

I enjoyed a lovely morning shopping from a personally curated rack at Nordstrom Toronto. If you have never tried a personal shopping experience I highly recommend it. I met Alisa in May at Nordstrom Eaton Centre and she was such a fantastic associate I had to write a letter to the store manager. She encouraged me to sign up for exclusive offers, previews (it’s free) and when the anniversary sale was coming up I was invited to shop with Alisa.


I had a large dressing room and a rack full of clothes. I spend about an hour trying stuff on and narrowed my choices down to 4 fabulous pieces and shoes. Alisa was excellent at picking out pieces that I would like but also getting me to try different styles. I think she got to know my style really well and I look forward to our next fashionable meeting.

I thought the concept of this sale is very clever. Nordstrom brings in new pieces -some brands only for the sale like Belstaff and discounts them for a week. Then they go back up to full price. Well played marketing move for sure! Worked on me and I work in advertising 🙂

Pieces from the sale will be featured in upcoming blog posts so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

  1. Sounds like a great experience with a personal shopper. Nordstroms has amazing associates! Yesterday I picked up a pair of shoes and a sweater from the sale and it was a lot of fun. They had extra associates and I had great service in 20 minutes – my daughter and I were impressed! Looking forward to seeing your haul.

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