DIY Accessory

I’m not a huge DIY-er but occasionally I come across a project I want to take on like making my own decorative handbag strap.

I first discovered how cool a decorative strap looks last year when Fendi introduced their line. Elaborate and colourful I was intrigued but completely turned off by the price ($1500+). A month ago I saw that Rebecca Minkoff also had a line of “guitar straps” available. The price point was more bearable at around $150 but there had a to be a more affordable way to get the look and YouTube was the answer.


There were several videos showing what was needed and how to do it. I definitely can’t claim credit for inventing DIY.


  1. Handbag that you can attach a strap to.
  2. O rings that open and close with a hinge.
  3. Guitar Strap



You can find the O rings at any craft store or bead shop. I got my guitar strap at Steve’s Music on Queen West. You can also find plenty of them (really nice ones) online.

All you do is thread the O ring through the handbag and then the guitar strap at each end. Make sure the strap is not twisted because the O ring does not swivel to untwist like other handbag straps.


Viola – you have a handbag with a really unique strap. If you chose the colour/pattern of your guitar strap with your handbags in mind you can use it with several different bags.



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