AFTER – 25 days 25 looks

It seems like so long ago when I started my treatment journey for endometrial ovarian cancer and the 25 Days 25 Looks awareness campaign. It’s not something that is top of mind although somewhere in my brain lives the reality that I am a cancer survivor.

I recently returned to the Princess Margaret Cancer Center for my 6 month follow-up visit. I decided to wear red because it is vibrant and alive –like me! It is not one of my favourite colours but lately I like how it makes me feel when I wear it. This top is from Zara and I love the ruffle detail and lightweight fabric. Since the surgery has put me straight into menopause I need lighter layers that I can add and remove according to my body temperature.

Blogging about my treatment journey really kept my focus on the work and not on the radiation that was killing any lurking microscopic cancer cells. I connected with so many people online that were also sharing their journeys. One young women wore high heels to all her chemo and radiation appointments and shared her story on instagram when her result finally came back clear of ovarian cancer. In RL I met so many great radiation therapists and students at Princess Margaret and of course my surgeon/oncologist Dr. Marcus Bernardini who I would call a friend. He’s the Head of Gynaecology/Oncology but you wouldn’t suspect he holds such an important position from his caring and simpatico demeanor. Did I mention brilliant and stylish? I secretly call him The Dapper Doc. Right after my surgery we shared a moment about our Italian heritage and abbiamo fatto due chiachiere. (Italian for had a little chat) Can I say BFFs? Sure I can – it’s my blog!


After the cancer I feel I have been given a second chance to live the best possible healthy life that I can. I watch what I eat and try to make healthy choices at every meal – Nutella is sort of healthy right? I also discovered Barre and love how Classic Ballet makes me feel and look. My legs and butt have never been so toned. I’ve been going to Barre Beautiful since August which is dedication for me since I tend to get bored with my workout routine.


I’m excited to share that my 6 month follow-up appointment was all clear so the holidays will be that much more blessed for me. I look forward to new adventures and possibilities in 2018.

Click here to read more about my awareness campaign 25 Days 25 Looks or check out my guest blog on the Princess Margaret website.

If I am on your Christmas List please give generously to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation because I have everything I could ever need.

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