5 Signs of Ovarian Cancer

As September ends and Ovarian Cancer awareness months ends I’m publishing the 5 signs of ovarian cancer so women can recognize if they are at risk. The challenge with these signs is they are common to so many other issues that many women disregard them. Don’t! Early detection is the best way to survive this disease.


My story started with abdominal bloating and pain – I was always covering up my stomach. I thought this was related to weight gain and early-early menopause.  It wasn’t and my GP acted quickly to get me into Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to get checked out. The rest is 2017 history and it’s how I started to influence for good. You can read the journey searching under 25days25looks or click here.



Quickly feeling full while eating. This was not an indicator for me. My appetite was always the same before and after. Especially for a pizza like one from Uncle Vito’s in San Francisco.


Changes in bowel habits. This happened to me during and after radiation treatment. After more than a year I am still very sensitive to some dairy. Whenever I travel I need a supply of digestive meds to cover any eventuality.


Weight loss without effort. At my follow-ups at Princess Margaret it is not good news to my oncologist that I have lost weight without diet and exercise.



Pelvic discomfort. if you experience any of these symptoms get checked out – it could save your life.




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