5 Signs of Ovarian Cancer

As September ends and Ovarian Cancer awareness months ends I’m publishing the 5 signs of ovarian cancer so women can recognize if they are at risk. The challenge with these signs is they are common to so many other issues that many women disregard them. Don’t! Early detection is the best way to survive this disease.


My story started with abdominal bloating and pain – I was always covering up my stomach. I thought this was related to weight gain and early-early menopause.  It wasn’t and my GP acted quickly to get me into Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to get checked out. The rest is 2017 history and it’s how I started to influence for good. You can read the journey searching under 25days25looks or click here.



Quickly feeling full while eating. This was not an indicator for me. My appetite was always the same before and after. Especially for a pizza like one from Uncle Vito’s in San Francisco.


Changes in bowel habits. This happened to me during and after radiation treatment. After more than a year I am still very sensitive to some dairy. Whenever I travel I need a supply of digestive meds to cover any eventuality.


Weight loss without effort. At my follow-ups at Princess Margaret it is not good news to my oncologist that I have lost weight without diet and exercise.



Pelvic discomfort. if you experience any of these symptoms get checked out – it could save your life.





I work at TC Transcontinental leading a team of dedicated advertising professionals. Our photo studio is one of the best in the city. I worked with photographer Craig Matthews and stylist Annie Aldworth on these shots for Day 2 of this campaign. We all paid it forward by dedicating our time to TEAL FASHION WEEK. All week I’m fundraising for the Ovarian Blitzers Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer team from Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. As a survivor it’s important for me to donate and give of my time to support the people and place that helped me so much.

Now it’s your turn to join us here.

DONATE • so more women can overcome this disease

WEAR TEAL • the colour of Ovarian Cancer

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Pretty in Pink

The 80s are calling and the answer is PINK. If you want to jump start your Spring wardrobe then a pink dress is the perfect booster.

The Spring/Summer collections were bursting with optimism and colour. Pink is the colour trend of the season, especially for dresses.

Pier Paolo Piccioli’s solo debut collection for Valentino was full of feminine, flowy pink dresses. This one below on the left is my favourite. So want this dress! Balenciaga took a slick, minimal approach to pink with high slit tunics over boot leggings. Pants and boots in one! Love these! How could I not include my favourite designer Miuccia Prada. This pink dress from Miu Miu is part housecoat/part day dress in pink brocade. I love the flower hat.

I created this multi material dress for the doll inspired by Valentino. I’m still obsessed with transparency sections so I incorporated a pink mesh paper to show off the legs. I ended the dress just above the shoes. I’ve seen many gowns this length and I love it. It’s a refreshing change from floor length gowns. I also added a flower hat in hot pink, red and copper.

If it’s still full winter where you are then grab your pink coat & hat like I did in the feature image to brighten up your day!



Close to Valentine’s Day it’s hard to escape the sentiment of love that’s everywhere from the sleeve on your Starbuck’s cup to Godiva’s heart shaped Chocolates and Victoria’s Secret hot red lingerie but there many kinds of love.

I recently saw the documentary FRANCA: Chaos and Creation and I loved it. It was about Franca Sozzani, the fierce and fearless editor of Vogue Italia. The feature photo is one of the last issues of Vogue she published before her death in December. Her son made this film as a homage to his mother and you can feel the love between them. I was inspired by Franca’s creativity – it re-energized me and gave me the passion to get back to work on my blog.

A Highlight of Franca’s work at Vogue Italia would be the Black Issue. It was reprinted 3 times and sells for $2500 on ebay. Controversial issues were never buried in an op ed but incorporated into the fashion editorials. Domestic violence, BP oil spill, and cosmetic surgery became dramatic photo spreads. Her strength was delivering the best content for Vogue Italia despite her critics.

A true test of love is when those close to you are forced to confront a challenging health situation. My tribe of sisterly love has been an endless source of support and strength. I know what I have and am truly blessed. My wish for Valentine’s Day is that they know how much I love them and how grateful I am to have them in my life.

2017 COLOR


I welcome 2017 with colours. specifically the PANTONE Colour of 2017 – Greenery.

Greenery represents nature and revitalization. Something we could all use after 2016. At the Spring 2017 shows, Louis Vuitton captured the essence of Greenery with sharp pantsuits that reminded me of tart green apples.

The Pantone Fashion colour of 2017 is Niagara. Flowing water and deep lakes, Niagara is also a revitalizing colour. Louise Vuitton also hit it with this lovely flowy dress. I want this so bad! This pleated shirt from Celine is a reminder of cascading water. Probably something you can pick up at H&M or Zara at a reasonable price point. Denim can also be an interpretation of Niagara and Altuzarra’s embroidered denim skirt is another item on my Spring “must-haves” list.

I created a cropped, bat wing top out of this beautiful origami paper from Muji.I love how fresh this shade of green looks. It gives the promise of a great year for 2017. Hope you enjoyed this colour report and let me know what your colour is for 2017. Cheers!


Inspired by Friends

I find inspiration everywhere. But I get really excited when I’m inspired by my friends. Recently my friend Lucia Bellina posted a link on my wall. It was for show in Milan at Villa Necchi Campiglio entitled MODA DI CARTA.

It showcases the work of Isabelle Borchgrave with 30 full size garments made entirely of paper. The designs illustrate fashion from the Novecento (early 1900s).

I would have loved to see this exhibit. The clothes look spectacular and the fact that they are made of paper really got me inspired to create some new looks for the dolls.


This show reminded that another friend of mine, Tracy Kim, was kind enough to think of me on a trip to Paris this summer and brought me back this charming Marie Antionette paper doll set. Obviously the mood was perfect for design.

I choose blue and white as a theme for the first dress. The navy and white paper dress from the exhibit, as well as the feeling of MariAnt were the inspiration. I also created a long flapper/mod dress in pink. I’m feeling the resort pull as temperatures drop and snow blankets the 6ix.



Catching Up

I have been super busy and stressed at work these past few weeks but the storm has passed and I can get back into fashion.

Besides working I have been planning a trip to Italy (more in future posts on this) but I’m still shopping for myself and finding interesting things.


In a run down strip mall in South Etobicoke, is a small gem under the unlikely guise of a Zellers Clearance outlet. It’s loaded with Lord & Taylor and name brand apparel carried at Hudson’s Bay. I scored a 100% navy, asymetric wool skirt for $2.97 and black, cotton fringe skirt for $12.99. The navy skirt is a pencil skirt on one side and a 1/2 circle skirt on the other. It has beautiful movement when I walk. The black fringe skirt is super fun and will be great for cocktail parties and after work functions.


The CNE is once again on in the6ix and the international bargain bazaar is always worth a look. I picked up 2 Indian gypsy skirts for $25. This bohemian style is a classic and perfect for summer or fall. I plan to wear the light blue one with espadrilles for the rest of the summer and then switch to booties in the fall. The black one I will wear with laser cut black boots and then switch to booties before the snow flies.



A good friend of mine was so thoughtful in bringing me this set of Marie Antionette paper Dolls from France. I think it’s a great addition to my doll collection. Merci Tracy!


Italian Edge

Recently I purchased a Valentino handbag. Not “the Valentino” of Rockstud shoes and dark floral boots fame but Mario Valentino.

Mario Valentino was a leather craftsman from Napoli and his fame as a fashion designer peaked in the 80s with edgy leather clothing, and sky high shoes and boots. Helmut Newton shot a lot of the brand’s iconic ads. I took inspiration from these 2 ads for my paper design in this post.

Since the founder’s passing in 1991 the brand has focused on handbags.mia-black I purchased this one at the Saks Off 5th. It’s great size for going out because it will carry a full size wallet and a larger sized phone.

Paper Art

This black outfit was inspired by the halter style on some of Valentino’s leather outfits. I love tight skirt with over-skirt and billowy pockets. I added some printed black paper to take away the starkness of the outfit.