Accessories Rule

One of the key rules to great style or unique style is adding one more accessory to your outfit. Today I doubled up on bracelets and rings.

I wear a Fitbit (almost) everyday because it reminds to move more during the day. I have several Fitbit bracelets in different colours so I can change it up to match my OOTD. Today I chose lime green to go with my dress. I also added 3 Cloisonée bracelets from a set of 7 that I purchased at Art Institute gift shop in Chicago. Museums and art galleries are always great places to find unique jewellery. The ring (not clearly shown) is multi coloured crystals.

On my other hand I kept is simple – all Swarovski tones of blue.

Keep this tip in mind before heading out and add one more accessory to your outfit.


Fun Spring Accessory

Nor just for bandits or cowboys anymore – the neckerchief or bandana gets a makeover this spring.

From my blog, you will know that I love scarves so I’m always excited when I find a new way to wear one.

A traditional bandana is tied at the back of neck with the triangle part in front. A neckerchief is perfect for spring because it keeps the wind off your neck without adding bulk. It’s perfect protection against a spring cold.

Also…when you’re between haircuts simply use it as a headband. Very Brigette Bardot! To add visual interest to cropped pants and sandals – wrap it around your ankle. It also makes the perfect handbag accessory.


I haven’t worked with the dolls for awhile but I definitely have some exciting designs to share in upcoming posts. Here is a simple bandana I made out of a crinkly Japnaese paper.



Diary of a Bag-aholic

I love handbags! I am constantly changing them to match outfits, occasions or tasks. My problem is I do not have unlimited disposable income to spend on bags. What I do have is inventory!

For the last 2 years I have held a pre-loved bag sale at my office. I’ve gotten a great response and have repeat customers. I even get inquiries about the next sale.

I start by taking inventory and classifying the bags into categories. Then I take flat lay photos of them. From there it is into Powerpoint to create the catalogue.

I really enjoy the process and am so glad when my pre-loved bags find new, fashionable homes!


Purse Charm

Last year Fendi introduced the Mink Pom-Pom (fuschia) handbag accessory and well – I became obsessed. I purchased a grey knock-off at Indigo and used it all through fall and winter. Now that it’s Spring, it’s time for a change.

I found this blue set of pom poms (feature image) at the Coach Outlet and it reminded me of the pom poms girls used to put on their skates. The blue is bright and will go with all my spring/summer handbags.

Here’s other suggestions for handbag charms:


Crazy about Tiffany’s

Film Review

I recently saw the documentary Crazy About Tiffany’s by Matthew Miele at Hot Doc cinema in Toronto. It was an excellent brand profile that included the history of the brand, designers and creative directors, the special Pantone 1837 that is a heavily guarded secret and of course the celebrities associated with Tiffany.

TiffanyI enjoyed learning about Gene Moore an innovative window designer at Tiffany. He would break crystal glasses and unstring pearls all in name of creating dynamic, interesting and ground-breaking window displays.

It also went into the detail about the deal with Paramount pictures for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn was required to promote jewellery for the brand in exchange for using the store in the film.

I enjoyed the behind the scenes glimpses of artisans setting diamonds and sapphires in a bracelet. The Creative Team working on the blue book and watching it come to life. As well as the making of the Lombardi trophy. Who knew that was Tiffany’s?

I’m proud to say I own 2 pieces of Tiffany jewellery. I have an Elsa Peretti initial “L” and Somerset diamond ring. Both are cherished pieces and they are stored in their lovely Tiffany blue sleeves when I’m not wearing them. Wish list – The bottle pendant that holds a tiny flower and the T ring!

If you love Tiffany this film is worth seeing!

Flat Lay Spring – Part 1

This week on modacarta I explore a fashion photography style called Flat Lay. There are many instagram superstars who specialize in this style so here is my contribution.

Part 1 – Accessories

The red small hobo bag, I purchased in Paris about 10 years ago. The brand is Mandarina Duck from Italy. The line includes handbags, messenger bags, laptop cases, and luggage. Select pieces are available at Taschen in Toronto. The statement necklace is Ann Taylor and I found it in the clearance bin. I always get compliments on it. The scarf is from Italy and I picked it up at Winners. I love the colours and the soft cotton wrinkles with wear for a boho look. The earrings are vintage Monet. Gold hoops are a classic so don’t get rid of them. If you have a pair, just move them to the back of your jewellery box. The bracelet is BCBG -another fab clearance find. I love the word Bella. Very Italian!

Stay tuned for Flat Lay shoes up next on modacarta!

Optimistic Luxury

Longchamp defines itself as optimistic luxury. Their bags and luggage have been created  by the Cassegrain Family since 1948. The “Le Pliage” line of bags is one of their most popular. These bags fold up securely so you can pack them or carry them with you when you’re out shopping. You can tell I’m a fan by my collection of Longchamp bags in the feature image.

Le Pliage comes in several sizes, formats and tons of colours. There is a mini bag with short handles (orange) perfect if you bring your lunch to work. A tote bag with long handles (grey) great for traveling, shopping, or the gym. There is also a knapsack which folds down (light blue) so you can always throw it in your suitcase. The distinctive tan leather wears well and develops a patina over time. These bags are lightweight so they don’t add any additional weight to what you’re carrying but are sturdy so you can carry a lot.

Longchamp releases special edition Le Pliage each year. Sometimes working with an artist to create a unique print. The navy blue and turquoise bag I have is named Ravenna and is from the SS2014 collection.

Le Pliage also comes in a heavier weight, tone-on-tone version called NEO (burgandy and black). What’s great about these bags is they have a removable shoulder strap so you can wear them crossbody.

Longchamp also has a full line of leather handbags (purple) in a variety of shapes and sizes.

I couldn’t resist making a paper Longchamp tote bag for the doll. I chose this green/aqua coIMG_2075lour because I considered that colour for my first Le Pliage tote bag. I ended up going with grey because it was neutral and I knew I would be adding more bags later on!

Do you have a love affair with Longchamp or another brand? I want to hear your story.



Italian Edge

Recently I purchased a Valentino handbag. Not “the Valentino” of Rockstud shoes and dark floral boots fame but Mario Valentino.

Mario Valentino was a leather craftsman from Napoli and his fame as a fashion designer peaked in the 80s with edgy leather clothing, and sky high shoes and boots. Helmut Newton shot a lot of the brand’s iconic ads. I took inspiration from these 2 ads for my paper design in this post.

Since the founder’s passing in 1991 the brand has focused on handbags.mia-black I purchased this one at the Saks Off 5th. It’s great size for going out because it will carry a full size wallet and a larger sized phone.

Paper Art

This black outfit was inspired by the halter style on some of Valentino’s leather outfits. I love tight skirt with over-skirt and billowy pockets. I added some printed black paper to take away the starkness of the outfit.