Day 17

Insta Look

This outfit looks stylish and put together from separate pieces. My secret is this great dress I got in Florida. It looks like a top and skirt but it’s one piece. It came in many colour and pattern variations but I liked the green top with the dot skirt the best. Adding the shawl collar cardigan makes it office or hospital worthy any day.


Interview with the Fashionista

On Day 9 I was on a different treatment unit with a new crew and I met Yangchen Ukyab, a radiation therapy student. I of course told her about 25 Days 25 Looks and she asked if she could interview me for a presentation. As a course requirement these students need to interview a patient and then present their cancer journey to the class. We did the interview today and it was such a pleasure to speak with Yangchen. I know she’ll become a great radiation therapist and I wish her all the best!


Good Hair Day

Later on today I’m getting my hair done (photos to come). I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do things for yourself that make you make feel good and happy during your journey. Anna, my stylist at Head Candy Salon in Etobicoke knows my hair so well and is a master colourist. I always feel and look great after a session with her.


Day 16

So Street

Following Street Fashion on Instagram gives me inspiration for my own style. So many trends start out as street looks. Today’s selfies are taken outside Princess Margaret – on the street.


Style Breakdown

This bomber is so on trend. I ❤ the liberty style print. For today, I swapped the skirt for jeans in the same military green shade and I changed the sneakers to a funkier pair of Converse high tops. The street cues of this look are

  1. the bomber – boxy and boyish
  2. the print on the bomber – feminine and light
  3. the skirt – combat chic in khaki
  4. Sneakers instead of sandals



What’s your favourite outfit so far? One of my therapists said hers was Day 10 the fringe skirt! That’s one of mine as well. Please let me know what you liked best? Leave a comment here on the blog or on any of my social media accounts! Love to hear from you!

This is shout out to the lovely radiation therapists that tend to me everyday at Princess Margaret! Thank you for making this experience so easy!





Day 15

How I Style White Denim

White is so fresh and light for summer that I like the contrast of dark florals against it. I chose this transparent floral top from INC. and a navy blue fringe jacket from Top Shop – so fun to twirl in! I added pink flats to pop the pink in the top.

Fave Jeans

These white jeans are Not Your Daughters Jeans and if you’ve never tried them you should. They fit me so well and yes I do feel a size smaller in them. They are expensive but for me they are worth the investment.

hat_D15Importance of Sunscreen

As a cancer survivor I do not want to risk getting skin cancer when it is so easily preventable. I wear Vichy 30 SPF everyday and I re-apply if I’m going to be out in the sun all day. On my face I wear Origins Day Cream 50 SPF for sun protection and wrinkle prevention. I also wear a hat in the summer everyday. Lucky for me I suit hats and I love wearing them!

DAY 14 – 25 Days 25 Looks

Mixing Prints

To achieve great style and a unique look you need to master mixing prints. I will admit that I am still a novice and my MO is to choose subtle and simple prints to mix.

Style Cues

These leopard print jeans appear grey from a distance so I consider them to be a neutral piece. Now I can add almost any print to them and it will go. This Zara top is a good choice because the print, although bold in size, is subtle in colour and goes with the grey. Another option for these jeans would be a striped top.

TIP – to mix prints effectively choose a tone-on-tone print that becomes the neutral piece. Then almost any print in a similar colour palette will go and give you great style.


Side FX

The radiation treatment I am undergoing has 2 main side effects. Loose bowels (diarrhea) and fatigue. To combat the loose bowels a change in diet was required. I followed the diet guide provided by Princess Margaret and it really helped me. I eliminated diary, added white carbs and ate only the recommended fruit and veggies from the list. The fatigue feels like my legs are made of lead and super heavy. I try to walk or do yoga a couple of times a week even if I don’t feel like it. I was walking at such a fast pace after I recovered from surgery and now I feel like a snail. I know this is temporary and I will be back in good form after my treatment is over.

selfie_D14Today’s selfie I took in the atrium of Princess Margaret. This space is so full of light and is a great spot to check my social media if I’m early for my appointment.


Day 13 – Halfway!


I wanted to wear something new and special for the half-way point. I wanted to get creative with the photography. I love how this shot turned out – a defiant pose against stunning modern architecture. My song this week has been like an anthem pushing me on.  It’s Fight Song by Rachel Platten have a listen – it’s empowering!

Style Details

This black jumpsuit I found at Marshall’s. It was a steal at $40. It’s stretchy and comfortable. The wide leg is on trend for spring. I’ve chosen a more casual look with the sneakers but this can be dressed up with heels and a little bling.


Modacarta Dolls

The dolls have been on sabbatical during 25 Days 25 Looks but I’ve missed creating the paper dresses. I thought they would look great as my own personal cheerleaders so here they are in original outfits made from Japanese paper! Hip Hip Hooray for the halfway milestone!

Day 12


Fave Outfit – version 2

If you’ve been following along you know I love to wear dresses over pants. This look works especially well in this chilly spring we’ve been experiencing. With the torrential rain happening today I switched the white pants for black leggings and wore my Hunter boots.

Style Details

I like very graphic patterns in black and white. I love the oversized floral print of this dress. It is perfect on it’s own but I usually wear it over pants. These white skinny trousers from H&M are a great buy at $24.99. I especially love the split on the back of the leg. It’s a great detail. Speaking of H&M they are currently having a used clothing drive at the Eaton Centre. Bring in your unwanted clothing, snap a pic, post it using the #closetheloop and they’ll give you a $10 gift card. Give and Get!


Weekly Doctor Check-ins

Every Thursday I see the doctor in the radiation therapy clinic. It’s a chance for me to talk about any side effects I’m experiencing. We talk about how I can manage them and if any medications are required. The staff is friendly and I enjoy chatting with them about my treatment and of course 25 Days 25 Looks! In the spirit of giving please donate to Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation if you can.

Day 11

Visual Interest

Black and white doesn’t need to be stark or boring. Texture and pattern can add visual interest to a colourless palette like this Zara blouse and these Ann Taylor trousers.

Style Details

I purchased this blouse in January when Zara was clearing out Fall/Winter inventory. I knew it would be perfect for the chilly spring. The paisley embroidery adds texture to this white blouse. The small dot pattern on these cropped trousers elevate them from being plain black. The details on these 2 pieces create a unique look.

Tools for 25 Days 25 Looks

These are my go-to tools and I use them everyday for this initiative.
1. Selfie-stick. I need this to take my photo at Princess Margaret.

2. Mophie. My iPhone6 is nearing the end of its’ life and constantly needs to be charged. A portable charger is a must-have for me.

3. iPhone 6. Takes great images and I can transfer them easily to my Mac Book for the blog or post them directly to Instagram.

Day 10

Black & White Week

When I came up with the idea for 25 Days 25 Looks I knew I wanted to devote a week of treatment to black and white outfits. This combination is so graphic and really makes a strong style statement. When wearing black & white the details are important so pay attention to mine and you can easily get this look yourself. For the shots this week, my photographer and I had fun shooting in the area near Princess Margaret over the holiday weekend. I hope you enjoy Black and White Week!

Fave Skirt

This Lord & Taylor fringe skirt I purchased for $13 at a little known place of fabulous finds. In Etobicoke at Kipling and the Queensway there is a crappy strip mall with a Zellers outlet. It’s not Zellers. It’s Hudson’s Bay and they have great stuff! I find it easier to shop than Winners or Marshall’s because it is better organized. They have smaller circular racks usually sorted by brand as opposed to long racks by size.

Style Details

I love the quality of this skirt. The fringe is put on expertly and accurately with no gaps at back where the zipper and seam are. This fringe provides visual interest and texture. I paired this with a simple white Top Shop t-shirt which has some appliqué lace trim. The watch is a Swatch with a see through face and the mechanisms are all different colours. I also wore this delicate Shanghai Tang bracelet which has an Asian print in silver, black, white and red. The fringe on the skirt and these interesting accessories are the details that take this outfit from boring to high style.

Mind Over Matter

In Week 2, I blogged about how important diet and exercise is to recovery. Keeping your mind active is also important. This initiative is my way of keeping my brain working. Determining the looks and scheduling them, writing the content and shooting the looks are all activities that require brain power and keep me busy. I don’t have time to dwell on survival stats or re-occurrence rates -fashion and style are in my thoughts 24-7. Looking good gives me a positive outlook towards my treatment. It doesn’t hurt that I get a couple of looks while walking the halls of Princess Margaret.

Unit 10 was a little behind today so I took the opportunity to try out a recliner chair. So worth it! It was quite relaxing and the selfie turned out great!



Day 9 – 25 Days 25 Looks

On Friday we wear Sneakers!

I ❤ sneakers. I can never seem to have enough pairs. Every season I see something new and I know exactly how they will fit into wardrobe. My top 3 sneaker brands are:

  1. Converse
  2. Superga (the people’s sneaker of Italy!)
  3. PF Flyers

For more info on these brands click here.

Style Notes

I saw these sneakers at DSW and scooped them up right away. They are Converse Chuck Taylor high tops in a tropical print. The colours are soft and compliment the turquoise jeans and grey tee. The jean jacket works with the coloured jeans and doesn’t make it look like a denim suit. I tuned up my bike this past weekend and have been enjoying riding along the trails near my place.

TGIF of a long weekend!

I wish everyone a super happy long weekend and thanks for reading, liking and sharing 25 Days 25 Looks! See you for Week 3 up next.

Day 7

Change of Look = Change of Blog Post

Today Toronto gets summer so that means I need to change my look for Day 7 of 25 days 25 looks. I was planning on wearing this…

This green blazer is way too heavy even as a topper today so I’ve taken out my new maxi dress.

Style Notes

A maxi dress is still a viable and trendy option for the summer. I like the swish of the fabric against my legs and the long line of a maxi. I chose a neutral and classic black and white pinstripe.


#1 Blog Lesson

One of the key learnings I took away from the Foundations in Social Media course I took at UofT was be nimble. I would plan a few weeks of blog posts and then in an instant I’d read something or hear something and rejig the whole plan. That’s what happened on Day 7. I planned to wear something a lot heavier which would have looked out of place and made me feel uncomfortable traveling to my appointment. I dashed down to the garden of my condo this morning and took a few selfies for today’s post. I’m a little disappointed to not use the other shots because they turned out so great but they will make great profile pics!