Crazy about Tiffany’s

Film Review

I recently saw the documentary Crazy About Tiffany’s by Matthew Miele at Hot Doc cinema in Toronto. It was an excellent brand profile that included the history of the brand, designers and creative directors, the special Pantone 1837 that is a heavily guarded secret and of course the celebrities associated with Tiffany.

TiffanyI enjoyed learning about Gene Moore an innovative window designer at Tiffany. He would break crystal glasses and unstring pearls all in name of creating dynamic, interesting and ground-breaking window displays.

It also went into the detail about the deal with Paramount pictures for Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn was required to promote jewellery for the brand in exchange for using the store in the film.

I enjoyed the behind the scenes glimpses of artisans setting diamonds and sapphires in a bracelet. The Creative Team working on the blue book and watching it come to life. As well as the making of the Lombardi trophy. Who knew that was Tiffany’s?

I’m proud to say I own 2 pieces of Tiffany jewellery. I have an Elsa Peretti initial “L” and Somerset diamond ring. Both are cherished pieces and they are stored in their lovely Tiffany blue sleeves when I’m not wearing them. Wish list – The bottle pendant that holds a tiny flower and the T ring!

If you love Tiffany this film is worth seeing!

Iris – the review

When I interviewed Toronto Styilst Annie Aldworth she mentioned that her style icon is Iris Apfel. I had read about Iris in Vogue (June 2015 issue) and was intrigued. I had to see what this “rare bird of fashion” was all about and I was not disappointment. The documentary “Iris” by Albert Maysles follows Iris around New York as she shops, gives interviews, attends events and talks candidly about her life.

iris-apfel3Iris started her career as an interior designer and then started a weaving company – Old World Weavers with her husband Carl. The film documents her rise to “octogenarian stardom” as she calls it but what makes this such a wonderful story is it’s also about the love story between Iris and Carl. Maysles captures their tenderness and adoration so beautifully.

Iris has one of the biggest vintage designer clothing and couture costume jewellery collections in the US. The film shows many amazing pieces from Iris’ collection that it’s easy to understand why it has been exhibited in many museums, including the Costume Institute at the MET. iris_dollSlowly, Iris is donating some of her collection to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem Mass. She says in the film that “it’s better to know where your stuff is going while you’re still vertical.” The Peabody held the Iris Apfel exhibition in 2010. Click on the link and try the interactive dressing room. Check out modacarta’s Iris look.

Iris is currently playing at the Bloor Cinema in rotation with another fashion documentary – Mr. Dior.

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Paper Art – IRIS header created with Japanese paper from The Paper Store , Toronto. There is no dress this week but I had a little fun turning the doll into Iris.barbie_1