Mini Bags

Several designers have down-sized their handbag offerings this season. The French fashion houses in particular love the idea of a mini. You may think that a mini bag is decorative but useless. I have changed my thinking after purchasing a beautiful aqua leather mini bag in Como. First, a la francais.

French Design

Louis Vuitton delicate, pretty mini pink and burgandy Capucine can be handheld or worn crossbody. It comes is variety of leathers or skins and many colour combinations. The mini Viv by Roger Vivier is bold and structured in black and white with 2 compartments and pockets inside to organize your small stuff. Finally the Hermes mini Halzan in sapphire. The bag of a thousand forms. When you see how many ways this bag can be worn and how stylish it looks you will want to save your cash for this investment bag!

Italian Design

My mini bag has the width to hold a full size wallet, iphone, keys and lipstick. For social occasions not much else is necessary. My mini bag has 2 handles as well as a detachable cross body strap. When I use my mini bag for work it needs a companion tote. I use my Longchamp tote for all the work week necessities.

Falling for Accessories

The weather is changing in Toronto – heading towards fall. There is still a lot of warmth in the afternoon but the mornings and evening are cool. Time to fall for some great fall accessories.


pashminaA huge trend right now is the blanket scarf. I love the idea and versatility but I’m petite so it tends to drown me. That’s why I opt for a pashmina. It’s also very versatile and provides great warmth for those chilly morning commutes. I like to loop it around my neck in what’s called a french loop.

scarfAnother great find is this wrap with hood combination from Hudson’s Bay.

It has great navajo inspo and if I don’t need the hood I can just tuck it in. This print in burgandy, grey and navy is on trend with the accessory colours this season.


hatsThis is my favourite hat. I have had for a few years and I have added the embellishments to it over time. The tweed is made up of tan, burgandy and brown so again it’s on trend and goes with so many outfits. It’s styled like a cap but has a short brim and a tight fit to make it more feminine. I added a silk scarf tied in a bow to mimic another huge trend – the pussy bow blouse.

Special to modacarta

I am now turning the blog over to my good friend Dace [Broc] Obrascovs from LA who will talk about gloves. We obviously need them in Canada starting in fall but they can provide benefits even in warmer climates. Take it away Dace…

special_glovesI have worn driving gloves for 24 years in LA and have NO age spots on my hands; only thing I am vain about. There’s a benefit for you!
I have around a dozen pairs from Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Holt Renfrew. I also have several pairs from Rome. The Italians make the best gloves with exquisite detailing and high quality leather. The fit is always perfect! When I can’t find them at my usual retailers I order online from Bruno and Fratelli Orsini. I have never worn cashmere lined gloves in LA because the weather is too warm. I always wear unlined or silk lined. For cold weather climates you can get by in unlined or silk lined until winter hits.


Until winter hits you can wear silk scarves to protect your neck from the wind and also for visual interest. Here’s a refresher on scarf tying.

Photo Credits

Fall Accessories – Model and Photographer Lori Tonizzo

Dace provided the photo of herself

Falling Doll – Lori Tonizzo *no dolls were injured during the shooting of this film

Tie One On – see film for credits