Knit It

Knitting is a great past time for winter and also a creative way to add original accessories to your wardrobe. I tend to stick to small pieces that I can finish in a short period of time. Scarves, capelets, and cowls are all fun projects that can be completed quickly. I am currently working on a shrug in shades of turquoise. It’s chilly in my office and I thought this was a great way to stay warm without bulky layers.


I’ve seen a lot of girls knitting on the train. It’s a great way to pass the time during a long commute. Using circular needles keeps the work close to you and doesn’t jab the person sitting next to you.

Knitwear Kings

My fav knitwear designers are Missoni and Brunello Cucinelli. I love the colour and pattern of Missoni knitwear while Cucinelli cashmere is the ultimate luxury. Both brands are based in Italy which is country known for its’ knitwear industry.

My Mom knit me this extra warm, grey infinity scarf so of course the doll had to have one as well. I used crochet to create the doll’s infinity scarf because I had the yarn and the hook readily available. It took 10 minutes because it was such a small piece.

I just joined the resistance and started knitting a pussy hat.



Fun Spring Accessory

Nor just for bandits or cowboys anymore – the neckerchief or bandana gets a makeover this spring.

From my blog, you will know that I love scarves so I’m always excited when I find a new way to wear one.

A traditional bandana is tied at the back of neck with the triangle part in front. A neckerchief is perfect for spring because it keeps the wind off your neck without adding bulk. It’s perfect protection against a spring cold.

Also…when you’re between haircuts simply use it as a headband. Very Brigette Bardot! To add visual interest to cropped pants and sandals – wrap it around your ankle. It also makes the perfect handbag accessory.


I haven’t worked with the dolls for awhile but I definitely have some exciting designs to share in upcoming posts. Here is a simple bandana I made out of a crinkly Japnaese paper.