Italian Fashion Series (IFS)

I’m dedicating my blog to my recent trip to Italy via the purchases I made.

I shopped some great brands in Northern Italy’s hotbed of casual wear. Then selected some beautiful artisan pieces in the heel of Italy – Puglia.

1st Stop – Citta Fiera, Udine

This shopping mall is the biggest in the area. It had some great stores like OVS, Benetton, Zara, Motivi – to name a few. The food court had a great bar that served gelato. If you’re a follower of modacarta you know from reading 25 Days 25 Looks I recently went through radiation treatment for Endometrial Ovarian Cancer and it caused some changes in my body. The main one is a sensitivity to dairy. Very sad news when you’re in Italy and surrounded by gelato. Lucky for me I rediscovered my love of lemon gelato.


1st Purchase

The very first thing I bought was Rose Gold Superga sneakers. Superga is an Italian sneaker brand that recently went through a resurgence through collabs with The Row and other fashion brands. Rose coloured and embellished sneakers is a huge trend for fall 2017 and these were a steal at 44 euros or $62CAD. The fabric is canvas with a rose gold varnish which makes them water resistant.


DIY Project

I wanted these sneakers to be more on trend so I decided to add satin ribbon laces. It’s super easy!

Buy some satin ribbon in a colour that matches the sneakers. Measure the ribbon to the laces and add about an extra inch. Tape the ends of the ribbon to make it easier to thread. Remove the tape once the ribbon is threaded and dip the end into some clear glue. This will seal the end and keep it from fraying.

Here’s how they turned out. I love them!

Up next – Motivi

Shoe Story

Once upon a time I ordered Superga sneakers from The delivery went awry and Canada Post couldn’t help me. So I reached out to Shoeme customer care and WOW! was I impressed.

Ivy tracked down my shoes in record time and arranged for them to be re-delivered the next day. I no sooner had tried them on (LOVE THEM!) when I received an email from Ivy telling me they had been signed for by Mike in the mailroom.

I am extremely impressed with the level of customer care Shoeme showed in this situation. They allowed no time to lapse in dealing with this issue.

I will now enjoy summer happily ever after in my new Supergas!


Sneakers are born from vulcanized rubber and most have ties to the tire industry. Here are 3 stand-out brands to get you back to school, campus or work in style!

The American Original
Converse All Stars or “Chucks” are the classic sneaker. They were first produced in 1917 and basketball player Chuck Taylor was the brand’s first spokesperson. Cons_red
Although the materials have varied for the tops, the design has not changed very much in 50 years. Currently in market is the Chuck Taylor II, same great design with an improved insole for better comfort and arch support.

The Re-Birth
PF Flyers were created and manufactured by BF Goodrich as another use for vulcanized rubber. Goodrich patented the Posture Foundation Insole in 1933. The shoes were popular with basketball players and were standard issue to the US Army. The brand changed hands a few times PFsand eventually went out of fashion but not gone forever. In 2001 New Balance bought the brand and re-engineered the Posture Foundation as well as updating the style cues. The sneaker is a little chunkier than the Converse and has some great stripping details.

The European
Superga shoes were born in 1911 and the signature 2750 sneaker became the people’s shoe of Italy. Refinements to the design came about in the 1950s when Superga merged with Pirelli Tires. Perfect brand synergy. Today Superga collaborates with celebrities and models on some of their collections like Alexa Chung and the Olsen sisters’ brand The Row.


The choice is yours. Let me know what you choose or what your sneaker brand is.

Sneaker Resources in Toronto:

Photo Credits

Header – Lori Tonizzo

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