Day 11

Visual Interest

Black and white doesn’t need to be stark or boring. Texture and pattern can add visual interest to a colourless palette like this Zara blouse and these Ann Taylor trousers.

Style Details

I purchased this blouse in January when Zara was clearing out Fall/Winter inventory. I knew it would be perfect for the chilly spring. The paisley embroidery adds texture to this white blouse. The small dot pattern on these cropped trousers elevate them from being plain black. The details on these 2 pieces create a unique look.

Tools for 25 Days 25 Looks

These are my go-to tools and I use them everyday for this initiative.
1. Selfie-stick. I need this to take my photo at Princess Margaret.

2. Mophie. My iPhone6 is nearing the end of its’ life and constantly needs to be charged. A portable charger is a must-have for me.

3. iPhone 6. Takes great images and I can transfer them easily to my Mac Book for the blog or post them directly to Instagram.

Day 10

Black & White Week

When I came up with the idea for 25 Days 25 Looks I knew I wanted to devote a week of treatment to black and white outfits. This combination is so graphic and really makes a strong style statement. When wearing black & white the details are important so pay attention to mine and you can easily get this look yourself. For the shots this week, my photographer and I had fun shooting in the area near Princess Margaret over the holiday weekend. I hope you enjoy Black and White Week!

Fave Skirt

This Lord & Taylor fringe skirt I purchased for $13 at a little known place of fabulous finds. In Etobicoke at Kipling and the Queensway there is a crappy strip mall with a Zellers outlet. It’s not Zellers. It’s Hudson’s Bay and they have great stuff! I find it easier to shop than Winners or Marshall’s because it is better organized. They have smaller circular racks usually sorted by brand as opposed to long racks by size.

Style Details

I love the quality of this skirt. The fringe is put on expertly and accurately with no gaps at back where the zipper and seam are. This fringe provides visual interest and texture. I paired this with a simple white Top Shop t-shirt which has some appliqué lace trim. The watch is a Swatch with a see through face and the mechanisms are all different colours. I also wore this delicate Shanghai Tang bracelet which has an Asian print in silver, black, white and red. The fringe on the skirt and these interesting accessories are the details that take this outfit from boring to high style.

Mind Over Matter

In Week 2, I blogged about how important diet and exercise is to recovery. Keeping your mind active is also important. This initiative is my way of keeping my brain working. Determining the looks and scheduling them, writing the content and shooting the looks are all activities that require brain power and keep me busy. I don’t have time to dwell on survival stats or re-occurrence rates -fashion and style are in my thoughts 24-7. Looking good gives me a positive outlook towards my treatment. It doesn’t hurt that I get a couple of looks while walking the halls of Princess Margaret.

Unit 10 was a little behind today so I took the opportunity to try out a recliner chair. So worth it! It was quite relaxing and the selfie turned out great!



Day 9 – 25 Days 25 Looks

On Friday we wear Sneakers!

I ❤ sneakers. I can never seem to have enough pairs. Every season I see something new and I know exactly how they will fit into wardrobe. My top 3 sneaker brands are:

  1. Converse
  2. Superga (the people’s sneaker of Italy!)
  3. PF Flyers

For more info on these brands click here.

Style Notes

I saw these sneakers at DSW and scooped them up right away. They are Converse Chuck Taylor high tops in a tropical print. The colours are soft and compliment the turquoise jeans and grey tee. The jean jacket works with the coloured jeans and doesn’t make it look like a denim suit. I tuned up my bike this past weekend and have been enjoying riding along the trails near my place.

TGIF of a long weekend!

I wish everyone a super happy long weekend and thanks for reading, liking and sharing 25 Days 25 Looks! See you for Week 3 up next.

Day 7

Change of Look = Change of Blog Post

Today Toronto gets summer so that means I need to change my look for Day 7 of 25 days 25 looks. I was planning on wearing this…

This green blazer is way too heavy even as a topper today so I’ve taken out my new maxi dress.

Style Notes

A maxi dress is still a viable and trendy option for the summer. I like the swish of the fabric against my legs and the long line of a maxi. I chose a neutral and classic black and white pinstripe.


#1 Blog Lesson

One of the key learnings I took away from the Foundations in Social Media course I took at UofT was be nimble. I would plan a few weeks of blog posts and then in an instant I’d read something or hear something and rejig the whole plan. That’s what happened on Day 7. I planned to wear something a lot heavier which would have looked out of place and made me feel uncomfortable traveling to my appointment. I dashed down to the garden of my condo this morning and took a few selfies for today’s post. I’m a little disappointed to not use the other shots because they turned out so great but they will make great profile pics!


Day 5

Black is the Thinnest Colour.

Black is the absence of colour. Maybe that’s why it’s so slimming. I love colour but once in a while I like to wear all black. It is sombre but no one can deny the fabulous silhouette it creates.

Style Breakdown

This pencil skirt is a midi- length so I need to wear heels with it. I’ve chosen these laser cut peep toe booties from Browns. I like the masculine look of my Daniel Wellington watch with James Bond strap. The high part of this high-low outfit is my black Prada bag – a classic drawstring bucket in calfskin. Since it’s always windy in the6ix (see hair) I continue to wear my black moto jacket.

Week 1 Re-cap

My first week of radiation treatments was quick and easy. The team at Princess Margaret is super organized and efficient. I have been on Unit 10 and the ladies that tend to my treatment are lovely. No real side effects yet but I’m sure they will arrive as I approach the midway point of 25 Days 25 Looks.


Day 6


If you don’t like to wear all black another way to look slimmer is wearing all one colour. Preferably a darker shade.

Style Notes

I chose burgundy as my monochrome colour. The continuous line of this outfit creates a slim silhouette because the look is not broken by other colours. This blouse from Anthropologie is delicate and fun with the embroidered flowers. The Dex blazer is a sharp contrast to the femininity of the blouse. I am wearing patent leather ballet flats from Tods – my favourite Italian shoe brand. For today’s selfie I had to add a pashmina because it’s chilly again. Got to love spring in Toronto.


Diet & Exercise

I have exercised on and off most of my adult life. Never has it been more important to me then now. Before I had my surgery I worked on my core strength so that I would have a good and quick recovery. Right after surgery I walked everyday. At first really slow and then increased speed as the weeks went on. When I saw Dr. Bernardini at the 4 week mark of my recovery he was pleasantly surprised at how easily I jumped on the examination table. I also watch what I eat and follow a Mediterranean diet. If a meal is a little richer then I only have a small portion and fill up on vegetables or salad. Dessert is a very rare treat. I know as I have more radiation treatments I will feel tired but it is recommended to still exercise even if it is only going for a short, slow walk or doing yoga.

Exercise Gadgets

I LOVE my apple watch. When they first came out I thought they were a silly gadget but I am now a huge fan. The activity function gives me so much data about my exercise habits and progress. I bought it week 2 of my recovery and by week 5 I had smashed all my previous records and could see real improvement. This really motivated me to keep working harder so I could get stronger and I love the rose gold version! I have other really stylish and fun watches but I only ever want to wear my apple watch.



Day 8

A little bit Country

This look is inspired by the DIOR resort show. Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director at Dior, is one of my favourite designers. I have admired her work at Valentino and I am loving what she’s doing at Dior.

Style Breakdown

This navy window pane dress is a classic shift dress. I like the unexpectedness of the bias cut back. This dusty grey jacket pairs well with it because it too has back detailing with the navy and grey check pattern. For me it’s the Coach boots that really tie this look together and make it a little bit country.

Look Good Feel Better

Last week I attended a LGFB session and it was a great experience. I met the most wonderful ladies – patients and volunteers – and learned some great make-up tricks. What I found most interesting and jarring was how at risk women going through chemo are to infection and how vigilant they need to be with their skincare and make-up routines. It made me realize how important this program is and it’s why I’m spreading the word about it to all women going through cancer treatment. It was great to see the cosmetic companies that donated products. The loot bag rocked! My favourite thing was the MAC eyeliner in tarnish. It’s a great colour for me. The session was held in Princess Margaret on the 3rd floor where there is a wig salon and hat shop. I scored the Lady Gaga dusty rose hat I’m wearing that is the perfect compliment to this little bit country outfit I’m wearing today.

Big thank you to Marilyn, Christine, Karen, Sherry, Peggy and her sister  (and the lovely Asian woman who’s name I forgot – Sorry) for making it a memorable afternoon. Please, if you can, donate to this program and the wonderful support they give to women. They truly empower me to FIGHT CANCER WITH STYLE!

DAY 4 – 25 Days 25 Looks

My Fave Style

I love wearing dresses over pants or leggings. It’s comfortable and adds warmth. Check out this look from Gucci – so stylish!

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.22.59 AM

Style Notes

I purchased this dress in Florida. I was attracted to the chevron lines in the pattern because it reminds of Missoni. I’m wearing leggings underneath and I pop the look with teal ballet flats and scarf. Taking a colour out of a pattern for your accessories is #1 easy and #2 makes your look really come together and look polished. This mini trench is from Soia & Kyo. This brand really gets detailing right! It makes their coats and jackets stand out from the plain offerings of other brands. My Princess Margaret selfie was taken today while I curled up in one of the club chairs in the radiation waiting room. They also have recliners which I will have to try next week.

Me Time

It’s important to do things for yourself that make you happy and provide inspiration during your treatment. Yesterday I went to the AGO to see the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit. The paintings were bursting with colour and her story of living on her terms was so inspiring. It takes courage! Facing this diagnosis I know I have the courage stay positive during treatment and put my story out there so others can gain strength from it!


DAY 3 – 25 Days 25 Looks

Unique Pieces

Everyone should have some pieces in their wardrobe that are unique. Perhaps you bought them while traveling in another country or they are vintage.

Style Notes

This Zara top stands out for several reasons. The asymetrical hem, colour blocking, metallic lines and dark flowers are an unusual combination of details. I chose a grey palette to go with this look so the top could be the focal point. The triple buckle, block heel mary janes dress up this outfit and make it current.

Tip: Add hits of colour to break up a neutral outfit like I did with the scarf and handbag.

Look Good Feel Better

I am attending this wonderful workshop today at Princess Margaret and I’ll be blogging about it next week.


DAY 2 – 25 Days 25 Looks


For some women a blazer helps shield them from office warfare. On Day 2 of treatment I’m wearing a navy wool blazer as my shield.

Style Cues

This is a classic style in navy. Patched elbows and windowpane print. I picked it up one Black Friday Sale at Zara. I’ve kept this look simple with a white tee and athleisure pants. Notice the athletic detail at the bottom of these trousers. The turquoise pashmina and printed Longchamp bag make this look unique and memorable.

TIP: Another way to create a unique look is by layering on jewelry. No one will have exactly the same pieces as you and combine them in the same way.

selfie_D2It was just as windy today as when I shot the images above. My Princess Margaret selfie is outside the main entrance where it was almost warm enough to stand there and pose. Special shout out to the 3 lovely ladies that were my radiation techs today. Great meeting you!

1st Treatment – yesterday

Treatment #1 was quick, easy and painless. I thought it might take longer but the questions were straightforward and then we went right to the treatment room. My tech blasted the 80s tunes for me so the 10 or so minutes flew by and I was done. Below is a selfie of me in the waiting room and the radiation machine I was on. These rooms are state of the art and have relaxing touches like the music and large photos of tropical beaches.

Please remember to donate to Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.