Fashion ARTographer

Recently I watched the documentary “The Man who Shot Beautiful Women” about Erwin Blumenfeld. He was a fashion photographer for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar starting in the 1940s and 50s in New York. His approach to fashion photography was artistic, graphic and original. His influence can be seen in contemporary fashion photographs.

This cover for Vogue 1950 tells the viewer straight away that this issue is about beauty. The use of white space and over exposure of the face create a mystery about the model and pace the emphasis on the lipstick and eye make-up. Another great Vogue cover is visorBlumenfeld4also a beauty issue, from May 1945. This time Blumenfeld used a visor shadow to create visual interest and make the model’s lips pop. Again we see the use of white space. This graphic approach can be also be seen in Blumenfeld’s self portraits like this one.


My favourite Blumenfeld image was one he shot in Paris when he lived there before World War 2 and before immigrating to the U.S. The model dangerously swings off the Eiffel tower in her full skirt. towerThere is so much energy and life in this photograph. It has been copied many times.

Mod 60s Revisited

Modacarta introduces a Vintage Thursday feature. It’s a look back at great fashion design, style icons, designers and photographers. This week it’s all about the mod 60s. This is relevant for fall as the mod look was presented by many designers like Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and Dior.

vogue1In the mid 1960s Mary Quant, Yves Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne all played a part in creating the mod look. Mary Quant took the skirt to new heights with the mini and Saint Laurent created his Mondrian inspired dress. Godard and Fellini created a new kind of cinema. Protests, sit-ins and the peace sign were de riguer.

Here are 2 Paris Vogue covers from the mid 60s. One shows the famous YSL dress and the other shows just how short the mini skirt was.


Paper Art

I chose this red paper because it reminded me of tweed. So many designers did tweed dresses or skirts for Fall like Prada and Miu Miu. I added a low sash in a complimentary pattern to add visual interest to the dress. The black and pink floral dress in the lead image I created for the Runway Report a couple of posts back.


Photo Credits

Modacarta Dolls – Lori Tonizzo

Vogue Covers images from The Art of Vogue Photographic Covers by Valerie Lloyd

Vogue Editors Rock!

Anyone following fashion waits for the September Edition of Vogue. It is their biggest issue of the year with the most ad revenue, content and very creative editorials – or so I thought.

While reading the August edition – usually thin and lacking interesting content, I was blown away by how creative the editors were with their Fall trend report.

Each Editor showed a Fall trend in their own way.

IMG_0031There was long lines and graphic patterns, military dressing, romantics and ladies who misbehave. My favourite was Fashion Director, Tonne Goodman’s use of drones and selfie-sticks to illustrate lean long looks with bold colours and graphic patterns.

This is an issue worth reading and it will keep you occupied until the September Edition hits the racks or is delivered to your tablet.